Saturday, 3 January 2015


Happy 2015!!

This year the first thing on my list of resolutions is to remind myself that I am important too. It's time for me to stop making everything about other people and make my own choices about my own life. So, I put together a list of all the things I want to remind myself, and you never know, it might help someone else.

1. Define yourself. Don't let anybody else take control of your choices. Do what YOU want to do.

2. Be good to yourself. Buy yourself those earrings you fell in love with. Go for that bath even though it means taking an hour or so away from your studying. Accept the mistakes you made and move on. Treating yourself will make everything better.

3. Do what you love. Leave school and study what you have your heart set on and not what your parents have their heart set on. Quit your crappy job and push yourself to your limit to reach the stars. The future is your own to create.

4. Deal with yourself. Yes, its lovely that you are helping other people with their problems, but you have your own too. Don't forget that.

5. Be yourself. Not what other people want you to be. 

6. Love yourself just as much as you love other people. Take time for you and don't make everything revolve around someone else.

7. Be kind to people. Don't assume you're the only person with problems. Be considerate and ask about someone's day and talk them through the bad times.

8.Remember that it's okay to share your feelings. Use your words to tell people how you feel about them/yourself/a situation or absolutely anything. Go to the people you love and trust and be brave. Open up.

9. Tell people that you love them. You never know what could happen tomorrow.

10. "It’s okay to be yourself. It’s okay to be sad, happy, excited, angry. It’s okay to be in love, even if you aren’t loved back. It’s okay to feel anger towards someone for no reason. It’s okay to say no without an explanation. You are a human and this is your life. Enjoy it. It’s a damn difficult journey, but it will be worth it. Don’t just exist. Live." - tumblr

Make 2015 the year of you.
Have a good 'un!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My 2014

Hello? Hi? Is anybody there? Oh good!

2014. What can I say. I guess overall it's been a good 'un for me. I mean, I never did stick to the resolutions that I set for myself most likely at 11:59pm on the 31st December 2013, the same things I aim to achieve year after year after year after... you get it. But I mean, who ever really does stick to those unrealistic yet optimistic goals? Not me.
But 2014 was different. I did things that I never really thought I'd do. And I want to share with you all 5 things that, in my eyes, made 2014 successful.

No.1: Meeting Dan and Phil and Zoe.

Let's start with the internet's Marmite. YouTube. You either love it or hate it. Right?
Well, even though I'm the typical hater of Marmite (hater aka not brave enough to try it), I adore the YouTube platform. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. And yes, I am one of those people among millions that sit in their bedroom for hours on end, staring at some faces (rather beautiful ones might I add) on a screen, longing for some laughter, advice, and even acceptance. But that's not the point. The point is, I am a fangirl. A fangirl, who like any other teenager, longs to meet their idols.
          And that's exactly what happened to me this year. I met a total of 8 of those people that I look up to. EIGHT. And I want to share two of my experiences with you.

It all started in May when I first got the opportunity with my best friend to go along and meet danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. The day was hosted by Radio 1, where they gave a small amount of people the opportunity to go along and be part of one of their radio shows hosted by Dan and Phil themselves. It was incredible. It was small, safe and simultaneously intimate. But it was really lovely (and very nerve wracking because I mean have you seen those boys?).

The second of my idol-meeting experiences of 2014 I want to share with you is that of Zoella. The absolutely stunning Zoe Sugg. After releasing her fictional book, Girl Online, Zoe decided "hey I should travel round the UK and sign lots of books for peeps", and that is exactly what she did. So once again, I grabbed my bestie and off we went skipping into a line of hundreds of girls waiting to get their 10 seconds of one on one Zoella time. Again. It was intimate, this time short, but still great.

 No.2:  My First Music Festival.

It was my dream to go to a music festival. A HUGE dream. But what got in the way? Parents. I wasn't permitted to go to a different country and surround myself with a bunch of drunks and sleep in a publicly open tent for a few nights so I could see some live performances. But that all changed. When Radio 1 brought their famous 'Big Weekend' to the heart of MY city. It all became real when it was confirmed that I had got tickets for each day that the festival was around (and thank goodness because I would've missed out on some life changing acts). So, in May, off I went. Of course the first act that was lined up was only One Direction. No biggie. Harry Styles was literally like 30 yards in front of me. The whole weekend was amazing. Filled with acts such as Bastille, The 1975, Pharrell Williams, Paolo Nutini, Jake Bugg, Kings of Leon, Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran, The Vamps and absolutely phenomenal headliners Katy Perry and Coldplay. The weekend left me speechless, cold and very very tired. But it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. And for that, I thank you BBC Radio 1. 

The 1975 at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2014

The crowd watching Katy Perry at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2014

Bastille at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2014

No.3: Failing My Exams.

So. This isn't really anything to brag about is it? I mean I passed the majority of my exams. But then there was the other two. I knew all along, from the beginning of the course, that I had no hope. I'm no Einstein or Pythagoras. I knew it, my parents knew it, my friends knew it and my teachers knew it. But failing my exams gave me a new light. It gave me a rush. A need to actually study. Because anything is possible. And if I had tried hard enough and put in the time and effort, I could've done it. I could've passed with flying colours. But I didn't. And trust me, I have learned from my mistakes. And that is the good thing.

No.4: My First Holiday.

So okay. it wasn't my first holiday. But it was the first that I can actually remember. My last holiday was a pre mum and dad getting divorced trip to visit family in America 11 years ago. Not exactly something I want to remember.
I wasn't exactly looking forward to this one either. Why? I'm ginger, I don't get on well with the sun. Plus it was bonding time. A week spent lounging in the sun to get to know my future brother-in-law's family. Yay. 
As soon as I stepped foot into the airport I was already feeling sick of the thought of what was about to happen (not me vomiting everywhere at the thought of being in a machine in the clouds). For 4 hours my head was just dread dread dread. 
But, again, I was wrong. I had a surprisingly amazing time. From the alone time by the pool reading The Great Gatsby to the cute waiter at the Italian restaurant that gave me free coconut ice cream. I loved it. We went on boat rides, which wasn't all that fun when you spot a shark then get thrown into the sea (my family love me), we played crazy golf, we ate a lot of toasties, we walked miles and miles every day and I even accepted the invitation to accompany my sister to the Irish bar in the city center. 
After our week was up, I must admit, as sad as I was that I was leaving, I was ecstatic that I was soon to be home to my boyfriend and my best friend. But hey, it changed my mind about the sun. You're not so bad, big guy. 

No.5: Friendships.

Sigh. Where do I start?
I am a person that likes to take someone and analyse them and get to know them before befriending them. Which always of course led me to being a bit of a loner. I don't like people much. But at the beginning of 2014 I found myself with a decent set of friends. Some that I liked more than others, but they were all still my friends.
Like a lot of good things, some of these friendships came to an end. And I didn't realize until they did, how much they were holding me back. I lost a huge weight off of my shoulders when these people walked away. And I was so much happier. It made me realize that not everything good in life is the truth. Not everything is going to be okay. Because it wasn't. It was hard for me to finally find people like me and then accept that I had to watch them happily skip into the sunset with new people. But I know one thing now. My true friends stayed. And that is what I am most thankful for this year. My friends.

Okay so I had a better year than I thought I did when I first started writing this post. I think this is a good place to end my 2014. With a welcoming, to you and to a new year. Have a lovely 2015.